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Inspiration From My Week

                                           all photos via tumblr

 This week I am loving details. What are you guys loving this week?


Going to Chicago

Hey Everyone,

    I am leaving for Chicago tomorrow and I am really excited. It is my last trip before school starts.
Today I am packing, but I will see you tomorrow.



2012 Summer Olympics

              The Olympics start tonight and I am beyond excited. I love watching the Olympics. Gymnastics and Swimming have always been my favorited things to watch while the Olympics take place. 
              While I was in London, I saw some of the preparations for the games. It seem so unreal that I was there three weeks ago and now millions of people are going to be watching the city while the games take place. Its too bad that the Olympics take place only once every four years, but when they take place they are definately worth it.
             Will you be watching tonight and if you are, what is your favorite event to watch?

Weekly Wish-List

                   Zoe Karssen sweatshirt// Marc by Marc Jacobs makeup bag// Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote//
                   Bauble Bar necklace// Converse// Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume// See by Chloe Tote

      Here is my wish-list for the week. My wish-lists could go on forever. I have decided that now is the time to cross off some of the things that I have on my wish-list. Usually I go out shopping with the best intentions, to get those items that I have been coveting for a long time. But then I see something amazing in another store and I have to buy it. So the items that I was going to cross off of my wish-list remain there.
     As you can see from my wish-list I have a mild crazy obsession with Marc Jacobs. I love everything that he designs and I could even consider buying only his clothes for the rest of my life if someone asked me too. Yea..... its pretty bad.
     Hope you all have an amazing weekend.


Running Errands

               Tommy Hilfiger shorts// Lauren by Ralph Lauren sneakers// Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt

       This is what I am wearing while doing some errands. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


White Inspiration

   I am loving the color white. I have been drawn to the anything in this wonderful color. While I love color, I always return to the color white because it feels so fresh and clean. What color has been inspiring you lately?


Out In The Woods

A couple days ago I decided to go exploring in my neighborhood. I found out that my neighborhood has its own hiking trails in the woods behind all of the houses. My inner adventure girl came out and I came back yesterday to explore further. What I found was a place completely isolated from all civilization. (Even though houses are really close.) I guess that it is always nice to know that there is a place to escape not that far away.
Blouse is from Macy's


Mani Monday

                                                                  via style-block.com
                                                          via Cupcakes and Cashmerejackrogersusa:

Bright nails and foamy drinks inspire us for the day ahead!
via Pinterest
                                                     via tumblr


   I hope that you all had an amazing weekend. After and entire weekend of tennis, I am a little bit more tan and sore than I was before. 
    I love a good nail polish. I think that is why my collection has been slowly getting larger.
    I hope that you get inspired by these nail pictures just like I did. Have an amazing Monday.


Bits of My Week

Pink nails and a lavender ribbon 
Detailing on a purse from Italy
Nail Colors
Reading and Jotting down thoughts while in bed


Peonies and Ballet Flats

              Peonies and Ballet Flats..... enough said.


Blue Florals

Blue Florals
 top// shorts// bag// keds// Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet// Tory Burch Bracelet//
                       sunglasses// notebook// lipstick// nail polish

      This season I have been in love with florals. I find them so refreshing and they are perfect for summer. I have also been loving the color blue so this outfit is the perfect combination of everything that I love. (I feel like I always say that, but it is always true.) I hope that you get inspired by some of these summer pieces.


Food Inspiration


Baked grapefruit (by letterberry)
    I love food with a passion. I simply love to eat. However, I know that I have to eat within reason so that I don't gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Sometimes instead of feasting on food with my mouth and stomach, I prefer to feast on food with my eyes. For me it can be almost as gratifying as eating the food in real life.
   These are just some of the food pictures that my mouth has been watering over. Fresh fruit, ice cream and cookies.....yum!
    What types of food are your favorite?


Pretty Baubles

1// 2// 3// 4

  I LOVE pretty baubles. They can add interest or they can dress up any outfit. Currently, I have been obsessing over oversize necklaces and the following are some that are on my wish-list. Any one of them could potentially add a ton of interest into any outfit. The options are limitless. What type of jewelry have you all been lusting for recently?

Baubles part 2
            1// 2


Inspiration From My Week


Gary Pepper Vintage.
   Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!
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Playing with Neutrals

Playing with Neutrals
              necklace// sandals// pink studded sweater// lace shorts// purse// bracelet// sleeveless blouse//
                                                      scarf// pink flats// scalloped shorts                    

      In the summer I really like outfits that consist of neutral colors. These items would look really good paired together, but you could also incorporate them with other items throughout the year. I especially love the pink studded sweater and the leather bracelet. I want to get them pronto.


More Pics From Europe

Gold figurines holding chandeliers in Versailles
The cutest duck soap at a perfumery in the South of France
Fish swimming in a pond in Monaco
Florals and woven bracelets sported by my friend
Heart love lock on the Pont de l'ArchevĂȘchĂ© bridge in Paris

   While I was in Europe, I had the opportunity to see a lot of amazing sights. We got to wander around the Palace of Versailles, go to a perfumery that sold a lot of good smelling soaps and perfumes, as well as travel through Monaco and different parts of Paris. These are just some photos that were taken during all of my adventures. Wherever you turned there were always photo ops. I will miss Europe, but I can't say that I am not glad to be back in America where we have air conditioning.
     I would immediately return to Europe if I was ever given the chance again. It is breathtakingly beautiful and a whole lot different than the USA, but I love it all the same.


Pictures from Europe

Buckingham Palace
Car in Paris
Last two: town in Italy
Just some random picks from my trip to Europe. I had an amazing time and would go back in an instant.


I'm Back !!!!

Hi Guys,

     I just returned from Italy last night. I am only a little bit tired, but I can't wait to get back into my normal system. I didn't have access to a computer while I was gone and I really missed blogging. However I am back now and my normal routine will continue. In the next week I will be posting photos of my trip and I hope that you all are excited. Check out the blog for more posts soon.


Day Around Town

Day Running Around

   I love this outfit. I would totally wear this while running around. I just want to go and buy everything you see here.


Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth
          {top// shoes// bag// shorts// earrings// bracelet// lipgloss// nail polish}


   I hope that you all are having a wonderful fourth. I created this outfit to show my patriotism. I like the black thrown into this outfit. I went outside the typical red, white and blue color scheme and expanded it a little. I hope you guys enjoy. What do you guys like to do on the fourth?


Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist
 1. Benefit Cream Eyeshadow/Eyeliner
 2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
 3. Stila Eyeshadow in Golightly
 4. Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Bellini
 5. NARS blush in Super Orgasm
 6. Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Believe
 7. NARS lipgloss in Wonder
 8. Tokyo Milk perfume in Tainted Love #62
I ALWAYS have some beauty wishlist going. If you asked me I could literally show you tons of wishlists that I have either written or typed out. I love makeup products so much. I just enjoy getting new products and trying them out. I don't own a lot of makeup because I am trying to disguise who I am or change myself. Makeup makes me happy and I consider it a form of self-expression. If you know me you know that I don't really own a lot of electronics or anything like that, (I literally didn't have a ipod until I won one in a contest) I never have. I only buy things that I enjoy and makeup is one of those many things. I could spend hours playing around with it....... speaking of which....... Oh and if any of my friends ever have trouble thinking of birthday presents........
     Anyways, what are some of your favorite beauty products?


Mixing Prints for europe

Mixing Prints
 Very typical outfit for me, black and white with pops of color and print.  I usually keep my jewelry to a minimum which this outfit clearly shows.