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Quote of the Day:

"Anybody can learn fashion by reading fashion magazines, but that doesn't interpret fashion for the individual"
       ~Beatrice Bowry


My Dream Room

hello prettiespillowsGlitter Girl: Claudia Stephenson -Photographed by Hannah BlackmoreCake plate perfume holderWhile my bedroom is almost where I want it, I still fantasize over the bedroom of my dreams. It seems like there is always just one more thing you can do to make your room feel and look better. Graphic pillows, displayed shoes and perfume, I absolutely love all of these things.


Guest Post: Taylor from Covergirl and Converse

Hi Guys,
   So while I am in Europe I asked Taylor to do a guest post for me and she did a great job, I love it. Scroll down so that you can read her fantastic post!


Hi all! It's Taylor from CoverGirl + Converse, and I am uberly excited to be guest posting at one of my favorite blogs, Peonies and Ballet Flats! Michelle is off away in Europe, and I am so jealous! It has been my biggest dream to travel abroad - and to Europe of all places! Oh well, someday, someday...
Anyway, enough wishful thinking. Let's get moving. When I think of fashion in Europe, my mind automatically pictures classy pieces like pointed flats, crisp blazers, cat eye shades, you know - the whole shazam. So today I thought it was only right for me to share with you all some European-inspired fashion: what I will refer to as sass and class. First off, here are some inspirational ads that are sure to get you into the feel of what I'm imagining:

Sass + Class Inspiration

Now that I hope you're feeling inspired, here is an outfit I put together with some sassy and classy pieces.

Sass + Class
blazer // top // earrings // clutch // sunglasses // flats // skirt

This is a lovely ensemble that I would personally love to wear while walking along the streets of Paris or dining in a fine Italian restaurant. I'm sure Michelle will be sporting something along these classy lines while she is away on her trip!

It was so fun posting for Michelle today, and I hope to see you over at CoverGirl + Converse soon!



Bonjour From Paris

Bonjour from France

                                             {dress, hat, earrings, brooch, bag, shoes, perfume}

     Hello everybody,

  Right now I am in Paris, France! So excited. We are going to the palace of Versailles today, which I am sure will be beautiful. I will be sure to take pictures and I can't wait show you guys them as soon as I get back.


Bon Voyage

    Heading off to London and the rest of my European trip. I have some blog posts planned
so check back to see when they are posted.


Goodbye My Friends!!!

I am about to leave on the trip of a lifetime and i just wanted to give a quick goodbye. I have some blog posts pre-planned and they will be coming up in the days to come. I also have someone guest blogging and I am really excited about that. I will definitely miss you guys, but I will see you all as soon as I return.



Getting Ready For My Trip

Makeup Bag, Stripes, Sunglasses Case, Italian Dictionaries, Ralph Lauren shoes
Things to keep me occupied on the long flight to London
I am leaving tomorrow and I am really excited. I have to finish packing my suitcase. It is just so hard because I am going to be gone for three weeks and I don't know what I am going to need. So I am trying to bring versatile pieces that will work in England, France and Italy.


What I am Currently Craving

                                Around by O-Check Notebook - Medium Black Dot

I LOVE LOVE this notebook available at Notemaker.com. I always write everything down so that I won't forget it. This would be the perfect notebook to carry around with me so that I could jot down my thoughts and whatever else I please. Hmmm..... now I just need someone to but it for me.

Simple Black and White

shirt-target, shorts- T.J. Maxx, bag- Fossil, bracelets- Fossil and Target
Just an extremely simple outfit. White shirt and black shorts and frizzy hair (thanks to the rain and humidity).


Quote of the Day

   " Fashion fades, only style remains the same"
           ~Coco Chanel


My Mini Moments

                                                      My Grandpa's old typewriter
                                                         (It now belongs to me)
My grandmother's vintage jewelry and my bracelet from the Vatican
The decorative pillows on my bed.
Every now and then every girl needs to do some window gazing in a military inspired jacket.
                                           DIY Scotty dog silhouette (tutorial will come shortly)


Butter London

    This might seem silly, but when I but nail polish I want it to be durable and pretty. I also want the bottle shape 
to be pretty. I have found that Butter London nail polishes are the best of both worlds. Not only are the colors great, but the quality is fantastic too. Also, don't they just look so pretty lined up in a row? What is your favorite nail polish and who is it by? 


I Have Been Nominated!!

                                                                                                                              I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Taylor over at Covergirl and Converse. I am beyond excited. Thank you so much Taylor. In order to fully accept this award, I must include seven facts about myself in this post. 

  1. I am the second child of four kids. I have a older and younger brother and a younger sister. I guess I am the middle child.

  2. My birthday is December 2.

  3. I have a weakness for pretty artwork. Whenever I have my own apartment (which will be awhile) I will have walls covered in art.

  4.  My main favorite color will always be pink. I may favor a specific color one day, but I will always return to pink.

  5. If you can't tell (read number 4) I am a total girly girl, however I can get my hands dirty and I play sports. (tennis)

  6. I love anything that has stripes on it.
   7. I LOVE old movies. At school I am pinned as the old movie freak (they don't know what they are missing). My favorite old movie is the 1940 version of Pride and Prejudice.

      The bloggers that I nominate for this award are:
      1. Wishful Thinking
      2. Katie's Bliss
      3. The Ruffled Lace
      4. Classic and Glam Blog


Inspirational Pics From My Week

What do you get inspired by everyday?


Day in Italy

                          Day in Italy
I am going to Europe in 1 week!  I will be traveling to England, , Monaco, Italy and France and I am really really excited.  I have known that I was going on this trip for about a year, but it is just starting to sink in that I am going. I am traveling with a student ambassador group so, luckily, I haven't had to plan any of the travel arrangements. One thing that I have had to plan are my outfits. I am going to be there for three weeks and I will need a lot of outfits. A couple of things I am relying on are: 1) neutral comfortable shoes, 2) accessories that will go with any outfit, and basically any other easy pieces.  I will be bringing shorts detail and a crossbody bag. A must in my opinion. The outfit above is one that I would ideally like to wear, but we will see if anything similar occurs while on the trip.
Tell me, have any of you gone to Europe and if so, what did you wear?

                        {sunglasses, shorts, shoes, shirt, bracelet 1, bracelet 2, bag, nailpolish}


Black and Nude

                        Nude and Black 
Although I hate to admit it, I wear a lot of black.  To my credit, I can say that I have been adding more color into my wardrobe so that when I open my closet it isn't just black and white. Now, I can see color. However, I feel like every woman or girl should have some staple black and neutral pieces in their wardrobe. These pieces you can rely on and incorporate into almost any outfit combination. If you pick your staples wisely, they can last you the rest of your life. What types of pieces do you like to incorporate into your closet?

                                                                                     1// 2// 3// 4

Beauty Moment of the Day

One thing that I love is a bright pink lip. I incorporate them into my beauty routine at least once a week. When school was still in session, I would switch up my lip color with a bright pink lip. I find pink lips really refreshing and I think that they are perfect for the summer months. Would you incorporate a pink lip into your summer beauty routine?
 {Sources: 1// }


60's Infatuatuion


London Fashion Week, Sunday 19th February 2012
Alexa Chung, English prep icon and Mulberry muse
60's fashion                                                                                                       Ever since I wore a vintage 60's dress to Prom, I have been mildly obsessed with 60's fashion. I don't really like the whole hippy 60's looks; I prefer the 60's mod looks. Inspired by Twiggy, other 60's fashion icons, and the show Mad Men, I have been trying to include a little bit of that vintage inspiration into my wardrobe.  You can include parts of this trend in your every day life by wearing a slight cat eye or colorblocking, both of which were part of 60's fashion and make a bold fashion statement.


Fathers Day

                             Tweed Father's Day Cardcard via Rifle Paper

  Since Fathers Day is exactly a week away, I thought that it would be nice to compile a list of things that you could do for your dad next weekend. I love my dad and couldn't live my life without him. He inspires me everyday and is an incredible role model. This post is dedicated to you daddy.

1. Tell him that you love him. - Let your dad know how much you care for him.

2. Make him a homemade card instead of buying one.

3. Do a special activity with him, whether it is going on a walk or something else with meaning.

4. Buy him something that he would never really buy for himself, but you know he would enjoy.

5. Just simply let him know that you care.

  My dad and I love to watch old movies together and we will probably be doing some of that next week. What do you usually do with your dad?

Sunday Mornings

   I love Sunday mornings. To me Sundays consist of getting dressed up, relaxing and eating good food (usually from restaurants). I don't know why, but for me I feel like Sunday are just about the best day of the week. (Except for the fact that Monday comes after it). What do you guys like to do on Sundays?

~ Michelle





  Welcome to Peonies and Ballet Flats, a blog dedicated to all things inspirational, girly, and fashion obsessed! I get inspired every day and I can't wait to share my inspiration with you all. You can get inspired every day, you just have to look for your inspiration. Hopefully with this blog you won't have to look too far. I love fashion, clothing and beauty, so be sure to be looking for posts relating to those topics. Have a wonderful night.