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Guest Post: Taylor from Covergirl and Converse

Hi Guys,
   So while I am in Europe I asked Taylor to do a guest post for me and she did a great job, I love it. Scroll down so that you can read her fantastic post!


Hi all! It's Taylor from CoverGirl + Converse, and I am uberly excited to be guest posting at one of my favorite blogs, Peonies and Ballet Flats! Michelle is off away in Europe, and I am so jealous! It has been my biggest dream to travel abroad - and to Europe of all places! Oh well, someday, someday...
Anyway, enough wishful thinking. Let's get moving. When I think of fashion in Europe, my mind automatically pictures classy pieces like pointed flats, crisp blazers, cat eye shades, you know - the whole shazam. So today I thought it was only right for me to share with you all some European-inspired fashion: what I will refer to as sass and class. First off, here are some inspirational ads that are sure to get you into the feel of what I'm imagining:

Sass + Class Inspiration

Now that I hope you're feeling inspired, here is an outfit I put together with some sassy and classy pieces.

Sass + Class
blazer // top // earrings // clutch // sunglasses // flats // skirt

This is a lovely ensemble that I would personally love to wear while walking along the streets of Paris or dining in a fine Italian restaurant. I'm sure Michelle will be sporting something along these classy lines while she is away on her trip!

It was so fun posting for Michelle today, and I hope to see you over at CoverGirl + Converse soon!



  1. i LOVE the outfit you put together, taylor! beautiful pieces, & i love that minty blazer.

    - lauren

  2. love that mint blazer too! so classy (with the right amount of sass)

    and michelle - have so much fun in europe! i'm your newest follower and excited to see pictures from your trip when you get back!

  3. Great post, Taylor! Have fun in Europe, Michelle! Can't wait to hear all about it!