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I have lived in the middle of horse country my entire life. Sometimes when driving through the country, you will pass by fields of horses and the views are breathtaking! Horses really are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth!
Town and Country did a shoot inspired by the equestrian style several years ago and I find the looks and photographs very inspiring! The clothes are amazing and make me want to go for a ride!



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Hello everyone! I hope that you all are having an amazing week. 
Today I received my J. Crew catalog with all of their amazing new looks for fall. I was so excited upon receiving the magazine, that I had to re-create the look on the front cover. 
The model looks gorgeous with a peachy eyeshadow placed across the lid and a light pink lipstick on her lips. This look seems very wearable and is one that I think I can re-produce on myself. Hopefully things go smoothly because I do not claim to be a beauty expert. When I was a little girl, my mother would find me with lipstick all over my face. Thankfully, I have improved somewhat haha. 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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. New York T-shirt - I can envision this t-shirt playing an active role in my wardrobe! A trip to the city wouldn't hurt that much either. 
. Winifred Paper- I have seen this image all over pinterest for the past month. Kelly, the creator of Winifred Paper, looks stunning in a dress by Camilyn Beth and the photograph has the most glorious color scheme. 
. Hot Pink Lips- I love the color of the lipstick in the photo! If anyone knows a color similar to this one, please tell me in the comments below!

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Tonight I am attending the a tennis tournament and I am extremely excited. I love the atmosphere, the energy and of course the tennis. It is the perfect start to my week. Hope that everyone has an amazing week!

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Since Wimbledon has come to a close, I have been playing a lot more tennis. While tennis has been "my sport" (the only other thing I have tried was cross country), I haven't been playing competitively  this summer. It was nice to have a break, but now I am ready for more court time. 
One thing that I love about tennis is the fashion. The sport is mentally and physically challenging, however girls get to dress for the sport. If you have to be sweaty, you might as well look cute and sweaty! I have been inspired by the Wimbledon fashion and have been wearing all white. 
Heres to a week full of tennis and good food!