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                             Uhh. I don't know what is wrong with me! The past couple of weeks I have had serious bloggers-block. I haven't felt creative and it is slowly draining me.
So, I want you guys to have some input on what you want to see on this blog. Tell me in the comments below if there are any posts that you are just dying to see. Until then, I will keep brainstorming.


Relaxing on Sunday

via tumblr

          Hi Everyone,

    My camping trip was amazing. I didn't die from the cold and I only wound up with a couple hundred    
               mosquitos bites. All in all, it was nice to something other than school for a change.
    Today is Sunday, and I can't wait to wear a nice outfit, do my hair and my makeup and just relax. I will probably have to study but that just comes with the day. I love Sundays, it is almost my favorite            
                                        day of the week. What do you all do on Sundays?


Fall For One and One For Fall

Fall For One and One For Fall

OTTE navy blue top / Topshop military style jacket / Gold mini skirt / Flat heels / J.Crew j crew / Vintage style jewelry / J.Crew j crew

     I am so sorry that I didn't post yesterday. School has been crazy and with four quizzes and tests in one day, I decided to hold off on the blogging. Fall starts on Saturday (if I am not mistaken) and I will be spending my weekend camping with all of my friends from school.
(This should be interesting because I haven't been camping in FOREVER...) However, if I wasn't camping, I would definitely be walking around town with any outfit like this. Perfect for  


Inspiration of The Week


photography by: george elder
Love her Jacket
Can't wait to wear dark nail-polish soon
sparkle and stripes. 
Still loving stripes and big necklaces
Who wouldn't want a pair of these Valentino beauties


Want of The Day

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Buy it Here!!

If you were to ask me what time it was I would probably have no clue. I never have a watch with me and I rarely know what time it is without looking at a clock. If I am out somewhere I usually have to ask a friend what time it is.
However, this watch is the perfect solution to my problem. It's simple design would go good with anything. I really like this watch. While I see many fashion bloggers with gold watches, I prefer this black one. It is also Marc by Marc Jacobs which is a plus. But now thinking about it... because this watch doesn't have any numbers, I guess that I still kind of will be guessing about the time.
Do you wear watches or do you prefer to look up the time on your cellphone?
Tell me in the comments below.


Fall Trends: Need For Tweed

various designers
Tweed is a major trend this fall. We saw it incorporated into a lot of designer's fall collections as well
                                                 being worn during New York fashion week .
I personally love this trend because it is not extremely trendy. Tweed is an extremely classic fabric, but it can be made trend with various outfit combinations. If you have tweed pieces in your closet,
                         you can be sure that you will be able to wear them several seasons now.
                                               Are you going to be sporting this trend this fall?Need For Tweed

J.Crew tie top / Alice + Olivia alice olivia / T By Alexander Wang , $460 / Zara ballet high heels / 3.1 Phillip Lim patchwork handbag, $565 / Zara rope chain necklace / Karen Walker Eyewear tortoise cat eye sunglasses


Get Foxy For Fall

Get Foxy For Fall

Peter Jensen wool sweater / Orla Kiely / Diane von Furstenberg strappy heels / Diane von Furstenberg leather handbag / DANNIJO jewelry / Tory Burch / Tory Burch / Deborah Lippmann

                   I hope that you all enjoy these weekend's outfit. Have a great day!


DIY: Transparent Clutch

via This Time Tomorrow

    I love transparent clutches. They may not be the most practical thing when it comes to an everyday
    bag (especially if you don't want people to see what you have in your clutch), however I think that 
    if styled right they can be the perfect accessory for a fall outfit. I found this amazing tutorial over at 
                              A Pair and Spare and I thought that I should share it with you.diy transparent clutch 2 (1)
diy transparent clutch 1 (1)
diy transparent clutch 4 (1)

You need:
- A big rectangle of clear PVC. Mine was around 3mm thick
- 5 round top studs with screws
- A pen
- Scissors
- Multi hole punch
- A ruler
- An A1 piece of white paper or cardboard

diy transparent clutch 1

How to

1. Draw the template onto your paper - following the measurements you see below. Click here for a bigger version. Note that the image itself is indicative and not to scale. The measurements are approximate because I think you can make it a little bigger or smaller or give it a different shape if you want, it's just about trimming it to suit you, but this template will give you the general structure.

diy transparent clutch template

2. Cut your template out and then use some tape to stick it on your pvc.

diy transparent clutch 2

3. Cut your pvc, using the template as a guide.
diy transparent clutch 3

4. Remove the template from the pvc.
diy transparent clutch 4

5. Fold the corners over like an envelope, folding the sides in first, then the bottom, and then lastly the top flap.
diy transparent clutch 5

6. Decide where you want to put your stud beads to secure the envelope shape. I have put little coloured circles on the template to give you an idea of where the holes should go for the studs. Use the hole puncher to make holes relative to the size of the screw in the stud bead.
diy transparent clutch 6

7. Push the screw through from the underneath and then screw the top on.
diy transparent clutch 7

8. For the lower holes, make the top hole first and then mark with a pen the inside hole. Open up the bag to make the inside hole.
diy transparent clutch 8

9. Once all the holes are done - close the bag to work out where to put the stud that will act as a latch.
diy transparent clutch process 1

10. Mark with a pen and then use the hole punch to put a hole in the underside of the opening. Thread the stud bead through the single underneath layer, and then put another hole in the flap to be used to secure the opening by pushing the hole over the stud.
diy transparent clutch process 2
diy transparent clutch process 3

Voila! Put a glitter or leopard print purse inside to hold all your bits and pieces. 
diy transparent clutch 3 (1)
diy transparent clutch process


Fashion Week Inspiration

I want that green Kenzo sweatshirt!!!

Really loving the baseball cap trend


Fall Trend: Metallics

 Metallics are a fall trend that I really like. I think that the sheen can really make an outfit. We aren't limited to gold and silver anymore, now you can find metallics in a variety of colors. You can make metallics fancy or tone them down for a more casual look. You can wear metallic shoes which are really pretty or incorporate the tone in bigger pieces of your wardrobe. I really like this trend, do you?Fall Trend: Metallics

Markus Lupfer block top / Marc by Marc Jacobs blue tee / Marc Jacobs metallic pleated skirt / Current/Elliott cropped skinny jeans / Marni small heels / Chloé ballet flat shoes / J.Crew genuine leather handbag / Tory Burch logos jewelry / Essie metal nail polish / Essie gold glitter nail polish


You Get To Decide !!!

Hi everyone,

   My weekend has been extremely busy. I am going into my third week of school and already my
                                                  teachers are piling on the work.
    I wanted to ask you guys what kind of posts you would like to see. I want this blog to be focused around the reader, so you get to put in your input. You can tell me in the comments below or email me
                           at peoniesandpinkballetflats@gmail.com Have a wonderful Sunday.


Fall Outfits Inspiration

  This fall, I am looking forward to wearing big knits, cargo jackets and red lips.


Want of The Day

                                       I am with love with these Warby Parker sunglasses. They are perfect!


The Week of Fashion

  Its New York fashion week time and I can't wait for new photographs to surface the web. There are always so many inspirational pictures taken in one week it is amazing. Does Fashion Week excite you
                                                           as much as it does me?                                    Julie Leah Blog, #NYFW 


Tutorial: Nails

   So it is my second week of school. I don't know whether I should be glad or sad. I mean it is nice to                                    see all of my school friends again, but I have to do class assignments, which are always a bore.
   Today I thought that I would show you a tutorial on how to paint polka dots on your nails. This is always really difficult for me, but this tutorial really helped. I hope that it does the same thing for you.

  You will need:
  • basecoat
  • topcoat
  • nail varnish for your main, base colour
  • nail varnish in at least one contrasting nail varnish for the dots
  • a ballpoint pen
Prep nails as usual – remove all traces of old nail varnish, file into desired shape, massage in cuticle oil, push back cuticles if required, and wipe down one final time with nail varnish remover to degrease the nail plate – and apply one thin coat of basecoat.
step 1
1. Apply one-to-three thin coats of your chosen all-over colour – just enough to achieve opaque bottle colour. Then use the brush from your second bottle of colour to create a decent sized drop of the nail varnish you’ll use to create the dots on a piece of plastic or stiff paper.
step 2
2. Dip the nib of a ballpoint pen (one that’s used up is ideal, but not essential) into that nail varnish reservoir. The further into it you sink your pen, the more nail varnish it’ll pick up, and the larger your dot will be.
step 3
3. Gently press the nib of the biro onto your nail and lift away again to leave behind a dot of colour.
how to step 4
4. I find it easiest to do a line of dots down the centre of the nail and work outwards from there, and recommend that you occasionally wipe the nib clean to prevent it from dragging thin threads of beginning-to-dry nail varnish across your design.
step 5
5. Dots that are laid out on a very definite grid pattern look modern and give a near studded effect (I’m going to try it using a blinging gunmetal grey)…
step 6
Found online
6. … while ones that are staggered have a real retro feel.
Finish with a topcoat (applied carefully to prevent dragging or bleeding of the colours) and sit back and admire your handiwork while it dries. Et voila!


Maroon Fever

Hi Guys,

   I hope that everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend. I know that I am. Having a few days off a school is no complaint for me. However, I have been sick most of this weekend(I am much better now) so I have been kept inside. That really isn't that bad though because hurricane Isaac's effects are can be seen in my city. There has been a lot of rain.
   Well, lets get on to the trend. Maroon is a HUGE color this season. We are seeing it on everything from clothes to shoe to beauty items. It is everywhereI personally am not a fan of this color. I just don't like it. I would much rather wear a different color. I would venture to wear this color on my lips and nails though. I think that I could handle that. Below I put together a bunch of items that are all in the color maroon. I hope that you enjoy. Tell me in the comments below if you will be wearing this color.Maroon Fever

Miu Miu mini dress / Oak jersey top / Miu Miu shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs handbag / NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick / Butter London nail polish


Prepping For Fall

Prepping For Fall

J.Crew slim tee / See by Chloé short skirt, $145 / Alice + Olivia leather flat / Loeffler Randall red handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs jewelry, $260 / Tory Burch jewelry / NARS Cosmetics matte red lipstick


Currently Craving

              Current ImageCurrent Image

           I am loving these Tory Burch bracelets. They are the perfect accessory for fall.