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I'm Wishing

 Right now I wish that I could do some sightseeing in Europe with some amazing
                     fall clothes on. I really like the outfits in these pictures.


Inspiration of The Week :Miroslava Duma

>Photobucket      Miroslava Duma is for sure one of my biggest fashion icons. No matter what she wears, she always looks fantastic. To me, she is the epitome of European chic. Whenever I see a new picture of her, I practically                        
                                            hallucinate. What do you think of  Miss Duma's style?

Quote of The Day

        "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet".
                                             ~Carrie Bradshaw


Fall Trends: Brocade


 I decided to start a new series. Fall Trends. I want to create a series like this for each season. So in the spring the posts will be entitled Spring Trends, haha. I will probably upload these posts on Mondays (if everything in my life goes smoothly). I hope you guys enjoy these series as much as I do.

Anyways, I compiled a bunch of pictures that display the first trend that I am going to talk about. Dadadah...the Brocade trend. Personally, this trend is growing on me more and more. I didn't like it that much, but I am coming around. This trend tends to be very luxe so it is perfect for more formal occasions. However, if styled correctly it can be casual as well. Below are some pictures of the beautiful Leighton Meester playing Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Although these pictures are from a couple of years ago, Blair sports the trend really well. What do you guys think of this trend? Tell me in the comments below.



Perfect Peplum

Perfect Peplum

 Again, I love this outfit. The peplum top with the shorts is amazing. This outfit is all about the details. Peplum top, scalloped ballet flats (that are incredibly chic), and a statement clutch and bracelet. In my opinion this outfit is perfect for the weekend. Since this is my last weekend before school starts, I would like to end the summer with a bang. What do you think of this outfit? Tell me in the comments below and don't forget to follow me. Have a great weekend.


I Have a Question

What do you all think about these Joie flats? Do you love them or hate them?
Tell me in the comments below.


Craving: Butter London


-                For fall, I definitely want this Butter London nail-polish. The purple almost burgundy hue is gorgeous and I think that this color would look good on anybody.
      What color of nail-polish are you wanting for fall?


Casual Day

Marc Jacobs and vintage necklaces
While I love complex and intricate outfits, lately I have been in love with outfits that are really simple. Take for example, my outfit in the picture above simple shirt made slightly more fashionable by layering necklaces. Really nothing to the outfit, but I still love it. I think that the red lips add something to it as well. Then of course there is the photo below. Completely ridiculous photo of myself getting mad at the camera. Completely pointless I know. I think I make that face a lot though. Ask any of my friends. One friend told me not to make that face because I would get wrinkles. I hope that doesn't happen. Well, I hope that you have an amazing Tuesday. 


Inspiration: Home Decor

photo via tumblr

       I love the pop of yellow in the chair and in the art pieces surrounding the fireplace. Gorgeous!




Elizabeth Peyton

I love all of the paintings listed above created by Sergey Nielson. They are amazing and incredible.
Being an artist myself I can really appreciate this artist's work.


My Daily Outfit For Fall

Perfect For Fall
Topshop Jacket// T by Alexander Wang t-shirt// Ray Ban Sunglasses//
Cambridge Satchel bag// Thakoon Skirt// Tights// Boots//
Black Bracelet// Michael Kors bracelet// Rebecca Minkoff bracelet//gold bangle

This is a basic representation of what I will be wearing in the fall. A skirt with a basic tee,
cargo jacket and boots. I love everything about this outfit. I was inspired by the Man Repeller
so I created and arm party. A bunch of bracelets hanging out an arm. Few are invited to this
party so you are lucky if you can attend.
What is your fall uniform going to be?


Kate Spade's New CollectionVi

via Kate Spade

I love Kate Spade's new collection. The colors are fantastic and I love the french influences. Are you going to get anything from
the collection?


Whats in The Bag

Fossil Bag
Bath and BodyWorks hand sanitizer// bobby pins// Chapstick// Mary Kay lipgloss in Starry// Covergirl 24 hour mascara// Coach coin purse// dental floss// pen// Tide to Go// earphones and ipod// sunglasses

For me a purse is and essential. I take my purse with me literally everywhere.  Not that long ago, I was the girl who carried her entire bedroom with her in her bag. However, now I try to only have the things that I need most with me. My bag isn't as heavy any more and it makes life a whole lot easier.
What do you all carry around with you in your bag?


Inspiration of The Week

      As the days go on, I have been realizing that fall is coming closer. Therefore,
a lot of my inspiration is of fall clothes and tones. This fall I will be sporting navy,
blue and brown tones. My clothing does tend to get darker in the later months, but this 
year I am going to try to incorporate some lighter pieces. What are you going to be wearing 
this fall?


Quote of The Day


Keep it Simple With Black

                 Although I think that you can make an incredible statement by wearing colorful clothing, 
    I also think that you can make a HUGE statement by wearing all black. Wearing all black is amazing,
but it is even more amazing when an all black ensemble is paired with a pop of color. 
              I love these Adidas sneakers. I am going to get them for myself soon, but I just love the way 
they look with this outfit. This is an outfit that I would definitely wear myself. What do you think of this


New In My Closet

Mom's Necklace
(I will probably borrow this a lot.)
Forever 21 Tights

Add caption
ZARA sweater from the boys department
ZARA skirt

ZARA boots
Forever 21 Cropped Jacket
   Hi guys,
    I wanted to show you the clothes I got while in Chicago. Let me first just say that I LOVE the city and I could instantly move there. Secondly, the shopping is amazing. They have a lot of stores there that are not accessible to me in the city that I live in. One of those stores being ZARA.  As you can see I did a little bit of damage there and I could have easily done more. Be sure to check out this blog later to see these pieces in outfit posts.


Quote of the Day



preach it

(via imgTumble)

    As you start your Tuesday morning, remember to look on the bright side of life.


Don't be Afraid to Shine

        Hello Everyone,
   I got back from Chicago and now I am ready to kick-start my week. Sorry that I couldn't post that much while I was away, but it was my vacation before school started and I wanted to really enjoy myself. 
   As you can see from this post I love things that sparkle and shine. The little bits of glitz always catch my eye. If you combine a really plain outfit with something with sequins, you can immediately add interest to your outfit. Sequined clutches are definitely the way to go if you want to buy an investment piece. As you go about your daily life, don't be afraid to add a little bit of shine to your everyday look.
   Have a great week.


Blue Without You

Blue Without You
        Cambridge Satchel// Keds// Essie nail polish// dip-die maxi skirt// J Crew bag// Blue Flats//
       Marc by Marc Jacobs Top// Dip-Die Top// Butter London nail polish// Wildfox Sweatshirt//
      Striped sweater// Steve Madden wedges// Marc by Marc Jacobs watch// shorts// iphone case//

    Although blue hasn't been one of my favorite colors, recently I have been loving the color. Today I created collage of a lot of my favorite items in the color blue. I love each and every one of these items.
   I'm curious, what is your favorite color currently?


Guest Post at Covergirl and Converse

Hello Everyone,

    Today I am guest posting over at Covergirl and Converse. Be sure to check out my post about Summer Essentials.

                  Summer Essentials: Floral Shorts


Red Favorites


      Here are some of my red favorites.