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New In My Closet

Mom's Necklace
(I will probably borrow this a lot.)
Forever 21 Tights

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ZARA sweater from the boys department
ZARA skirt

ZARA boots
Forever 21 Cropped Jacket
   Hi guys,
    I wanted to show you the clothes I got while in Chicago. Let me first just say that I LOVE the city and I could instantly move there. Secondly, the shopping is amazing. They have a lot of stores there that are not accessible to me in the city that I live in. One of those stores being ZARA.  As you can see I did a little bit of damage there and I could have easily done more. Be sure to check out this blog later to see these pieces in outfit posts.

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  1. Hi! I am your newest follower! Love your blog and that cropped jacket. Very vintage looking!