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A light blouse, neutral flats and a few pops of color are all that is needed to complete my spring uniform! Sometimes, keeping things simple is the key to feeling good! I love the blouse's clean, graphic lines and the clutch and scarf are in the prettiest shades!
I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

| Blouse | Jeans | Scarf | Clutch | Flats




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I like my spring beauty to be fresh and lightweight.

In order to keep a fresh look, a light powder and a little bit of a graphic liner are all that is needed.
I always prefer a clean neutral color on my nails and this one by Deborah Lippman is my favorite!
The Lippy gloss is the perfect light pink shade to add a pop of color to your lips.
Lastly, nothing smells better than the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne.

Lippy gloss | Deborah Lippman nail-polish | Stila eyeliner |
| Dior powder | Jo Malone cologne | Kate Spade makeup bag |

Those are my beauty favorites this spring, let me know what yours are below!



I am so happy that spring has officially arrived! The trees are blooming, the flowers are coming up and the birds are singing! (How is that for a cheesy line.) I have been spending my afternoons at park and outside while trying to build up a tan.
On a side-note, I am looking for some new spring/summer reads. If anyone has some suggestions please let me know in the comments! I hope everyone has a happy enjoyable weekend!



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Sabrina is one of the many films that I have watched time after time. Audrey Hepburn dazzles across the screen wearing designs by Givenchy and Edith Head. The costumes are one of the main reasons that I enjoy this film so much.
Sabrina Fairchild evolves from the girl next door, to the beautiful french belle. It is only after her transformation that David pays any attention to her. An accident with champagne injures David leaving him stuck in bed. Therefore it is up to his brother Lionel to entertain Sabrina. However, is something else about to happen?



As we enter the warmer months, I am getting really excited for spring items. I am so excited to bare my legs while wearing a cute dress or skirt! Also, I really love the Tory Burch coin purse above. The tassel is so chic and it is an extremely classic accessory. I may have to purchase it in the future.
I am on spring break right now and I am looking forward to a relaxing week! So far I have been catching up on some of my favorite shows. I adore english tv shows and any english detective show is right up my alley. I have been watching Masterpiece Mystery's Poirot and Miss Marple, based off of the books of Agatha Christie. If like watching and solving murder and intrigue these shows are great!
I hope everyone has an amazing week!



via my instagram

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the radio silence. I spent this last week in Washington D.C. with my high-school. Let me just say that I fell in love with the city, the people, the architecture, and much more. My mom went to college in D.C. so I felt like I was reliving part of her life.
After a walking a total of 32 miles in five days, I am very tired but extremely happy. In Louisville (where I reside), there are no metros so we drive everywhere. It was quite the experience walking everywhere in Washington, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I got to visit various museums and sites including Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, the National Gallery of Art, etc. Our nation's history is amazing and I love learning more about it every day.
My group got the lovely opportunity to tour the White House and I cannot describe its beauty. My favorite items in the whole house were the portraits of Jackie O. and JFK.
Recently, I have been reading a lot of magazines and new books. I am so excited that it is finally spring and I can show skin!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. 
Look forward to future posts soon!



 Nothing gets me more motivated to do work than a well organized and styled desk. When I am surrounded my pretty objects and supplies, I can get my work done at a must faster rate. I absolutely adore those striped pencils and the print is too cute! 
The fresh color palette keeps everything light and the gold accents add a sense of elegance.
Even though a desk is meant to be practical, why can't it be attractive as well?




So far I have really enjoyed this week. Although there have been some minor setbacks (hello huge history test), I am currently on a three day break! Also, the weather finally got out of the frigid thirties and has been in the sixties! We are expecting a cold spell next week, but hopefully after that spring will stay!
As soon as the weather stays warm, I can't wait to be out and about! I haven't experienced the feeling of sunlight on my skin in quite some time, so it will be a nice change. I envision lounging around in the morning in these spotted pajamas while reading The Granny Alphabet. Then in the afternoon, I will change into a little frock to enjoy lunch and some shopping! (We can all dream right?) Heres to a weekend in which those dreams come true! I hope you all enjoy yours!

Let me know what you all plan to do on the weekend in the comments below!



All photos via my Pinterest

a destination | So typical, but I want to go to Paris again pronto!

a hairstyle | I love how simple and chic this look is! It also looks like a great hairstyle for the hot months ahead because it will keep my hair out of my face.

a diy | I saw this paper chandelier on Martha Stewart Weddings. I thought that it was so pretty and I would love to emulate it in the future!

an item | Croissant and green cake stands? Yes please!

a wish | Wishing for these Warby Parker glasses! Next purchase? I think yes!



Once the weather is warm I will:

eat breakfast outside

ride bikes around the town

go on a country picnic

play a round of tennis

sail all day long

spend a great amount of time with my camera



Whether it is for your mom, your best friend or yourself, there are plenty of pretty goodies to be had on this Valentine's Day!

cocktail napkins | ring | Christian Dior lip balm | soap | RGB nail-polish |
Instax camera | Kate Spade bag | Champagne Truffles



  All photos via my pinterest

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was full of laughs, baked french toast and english television series. On Saturday the temperature rose to 50 degrees. I was glad that I didn't have to wear a coat, but was amazed at the people out wearing sleeveless shirts! It just goes to show how much people appreciate spring. However, now my yard is covered in 5 in. of breathtaking snow! While, I might be craving spring, the snow definitely is marvelous and never loses any of its beauty!

copying | This look is gorgeous, I would love to re-create it someday in the near future (flowers and all).

doing | I will be wrapping my secret valentine's present in a similar style! 

admiring | The amazing streets of Savannah, Georgia! The charm and delights of the city place it high on my travel list! 

planning | As soon as I have a home of my own, there will be bistro chairs around the table!
Then I can imagine that I am eating in a little cafe in Paris. 



I LOVE STRIPES!  Like many people, stripes are the basis of my wardrobe. My collection is ever growing, but any time I come across a new piece of striped perfection, I have to get it. However, this is one addiction I am happy to keep alive!
I simply adore the above outfit! It is a modern take on the classics with a little twist. The drop-waist gives a little bit of flair to the dress while the flats add the perfect pop of color. Classic cardigans are an essential for any wardrobe; this one from J. Crew is the perfect luxe option. Can I just remark on how perfect the tortoise bangle and bucket bag are? I would wear them every single day.
Once the spring arrives (exactly 48 days, not that anyone is counting), I cannot wait to re-create this outfit! I envision myself wearing it on clear, Sunday afternoons whilst walking through the park! Maybe a future outfit post? Until then, I hope everyone has a great day!

striped dress | cardigan | flats | bucket bag | tortoise bangle | gold bangle 



All photos via my pinterest and instagram
With the eastern half of the country engulfed in the polar vortex and freezing temperatures, it is easy to fall into the winter blues. I can't remember the last winter when we had sub-zero temperatures! (Apparently in the decades I have been living, the weather has been more mild than usual.) At least the snow has been really pretty! Another nice thing is that school has been delayed for the past week, so I have been able to catch a couple more hours of sleep!
In order to keep up my spirits, I compiled a list of the things the I have been loving lately.

wishing | I am wishing that is was summer and I was on the Amalfi Coast! Dreams can come true right?

eating | Though I haven't actually eaten these yet, I can't wait until I have the chance to make these mocha scones. It sounds like a delicious way to indulge on a lovely Saturday morning. 

wearing |  As seen in this post, this striped shirt has become a staple in my wardrobe. It goes with everything and is extremely comfortable.

attempting |  Why not change up my ordinary neutral polish and try gold glitter? 

reading | I have been reading my favorite Jane Austen book, Emma. It will forever remain a classic! Sometimes I like to think that I have the same match-making skills as Emma herself! 

discovering | One week ago I started living a healthier lifestyle. Even in such a short amount of time, I already feel much better and my confidence has increased. It is so nice to feel good about yourself knowing that you are fueling your body with good nutrients.

I would love to know what you all have been loving lately! Tell me in the comments!



It is no secret that I cannot wait until Spring arrives. Though I may enjoy winter for the first few weeks, after December, I highly anticipate spring. Spring has always been my favorite season. The sound of birds chirping, the smell of flowers, fresh colors, and the anticipation for the first green leaves of the season always make me giddy. 
I have a lot of happy memories of going to my brother's baseball games during the spring. There was nothing I enjoyed more than going to the game with the hope of catching a foul ball so that I could get a free piece of bubble gum. During those moments I envisioned myself as a tomboy. This J. Crew cap (in the perfect color) takes me back to my childhood years. I have always had an affinity to hats and hopefully I will be sporting this one very soon.

J. Crew hat | Gap dress | Barbour jacket | Madewell Flats | Gap Clutch



Clothes are the only thing that get me through the winter. If I didn't enjoy dressing for the winter months, I don't know how I would survive. Though is may be winter, the snow is still very bright so sunglasses are a must. I also am in love with my new sweater from Gap. It is very easy to style, and can be dressed down or up very easily.

Zara shoes | Target jeans and phone case | Gap sweater | Ray-Ban sunglasses



 All photos via my Pinterest