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So far I have really enjoyed this week. Although there have been some minor setbacks (hello huge history test), I am currently on a three day break! Also, the weather finally got out of the frigid thirties and has been in the sixties! We are expecting a cold spell next week, but hopefully after that spring will stay!
As soon as the weather stays warm, I can't wait to be out and about! I haven't experienced the feeling of sunlight on my skin in quite some time, so it will be a nice change. I envision lounging around in the morning in these spotted pajamas while reading The Granny Alphabet. Then in the afternoon, I will change into a little frock to enjoy lunch and some shopping! (We can all dream right?) Heres to a weekend in which those dreams come true! I hope you all enjoy yours!

Let me know what you all plan to do on the weekend in the comments below!

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  1. Those pjs are super adorable! Sadly I'm going to be spending my weekend finishing my dissertation off! I'd much rather go along with your suggestion of how to spend a weekend though!

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