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I LOVE STRIPES!  Like many people, stripes are the basis of my wardrobe. My collection is ever growing, but any time I come across a new piece of striped perfection, I have to get it. However, this is one addiction I am happy to keep alive!
I simply adore the above outfit! It is a modern take on the classics with a little twist. The drop-waist gives a little bit of flair to the dress while the flats add the perfect pop of color. Classic cardigans are an essential for any wardrobe; this one from J. Crew is the perfect luxe option. Can I just remark on how perfect the tortoise bangle and bucket bag are? I would wear them every single day.
Once the spring arrives (exactly 48 days, not that anyone is counting), I cannot wait to re-create this outfit! I envision myself wearing it on clear, Sunday afternoons whilst walking through the park! Maybe a future outfit post? Until then, I hope everyone has a great day!

striped dress | cardigan | flats | bucket bag | tortoise bangle | gold bangle 


  1. Love bags like that I think they match any look
    ps thanks for the spring countdown!
With A City Dream

  2. I'm usually not a huge fan of dropwaist, but I love this dress. This is such a perfect, feminine look!
    CoverGirl + Converse