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It is no secret that I cannot wait until Spring arrives. Though I may enjoy winter for the first few weeks, after December, I highly anticipate spring. Spring has always been my favorite season. The sound of birds chirping, the smell of flowers, fresh colors, and the anticipation for the first green leaves of the season always make me giddy. 
I have a lot of happy memories of going to my brother's baseball games during the spring. There was nothing I enjoyed more than going to the game with the hope of catching a foul ball so that I could get a free piece of bubble gum. During those moments I envisioned myself as a tomboy. This J. Crew cap (in the perfect color) takes me back to my childhood years. I have always had an affinity to hats and hopefully I will be sporting this one very soon.

J. Crew hat | Gap dress | Barbour jacket | Madewell Flats | Gap Clutch

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  1. Spring is my favorite season as well- given the gold weather lately, I am definitely looking forward to it :). Thanks for sharing your sweet spring memory and inspired look- it is too cute!

    Nicole, keepcalmandcocoon.com