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Casual Day

Marc Jacobs and vintage necklaces
While I love complex and intricate outfits, lately I have been in love with outfits that are really simple. Take for example, my outfit in the picture above simple shirt made slightly more fashionable by layering necklaces. Really nothing to the outfit, but I still love it. I think that the red lips add something to it as well. Then of course there is the photo below. Completely ridiculous photo of myself getting mad at the camera. Completely pointless I know. I think I make that face a lot though. Ask any of my friends. One friend told me not to make that face because I would get wrinkles. I hope that doesn't happen. Well, I hope that you have an amazing Tuesday. 


  1. VERY familiar face right there. :) Love the necklaces!
    CoverGirl + Converse
    PS - CALL ME!

  2. Nice necklace!

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