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Whats in The Bag

Fossil Bag
Bath and BodyWorks hand sanitizer// bobby pins// Chapstick// Mary Kay lipgloss in Starry// Covergirl 24 hour mascara// Coach coin purse// dental floss// pen// Tide to Go// earphones and ipod// sunglasses

For me a purse is and essential. I take my purse with me literally everywhere.  Not that long ago, I was the girl who carried her entire bedroom with her in her bag. However, now I try to only have the things that I need most with me. My bag isn't as heavy any more and it makes life a whole lot easier.
What do you all carry around with you in your bag?


  1. Sweet Pea scented hand sanitizer?!? Girl. SUCH a good scent! Newest follower, and I'm loving your blog already :) Drop by and say hello sometime!


  2. Things I carry in my purse: a little makeup, sunglasses, IPod, gum, hand sanitizer, lotion, my wallet, and a notepad. But I never seem to have a pencil in there. . . oh well. Can't wait to see you when school starts back!