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Fathers Day

                             Tweed Father's Day Cardcard via Rifle Paper

  Since Fathers Day is exactly a week away, I thought that it would be nice to compile a list of things that you could do for your dad next weekend. I love my dad and couldn't live my life without him. He inspires me everyday and is an incredible role model. This post is dedicated to you daddy.

1. Tell him that you love him. - Let your dad know how much you care for him.

2. Make him a homemade card instead of buying one.

3. Do a special activity with him, whether it is going on a walk or something else with meaning.

4. Buy him something that he would never really buy for himself, but you know he would enjoy.

5. Just simply let him know that you care.

  My dad and I love to watch old movies together and we will probably be doing some of that next week. What do you usually do with your dad?

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