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2012 Summer Olympics

              The Olympics start tonight and I am beyond excited. I love watching the Olympics. Gymnastics and Swimming have always been my favorited things to watch while the Olympics take place. 
              While I was in London, I saw some of the preparations for the games. It seem so unreal that I was there three weeks ago and now millions of people are going to be watching the city while the games take place. Its too bad that the Olympics take place only once every four years, but when they take place they are definately worth it.
             Will you be watching tonight and if you are, what is your favorite event to watch?


  1. I can't wait for the opening ceremony to start - feeling patriotic already haha! I'm excited to watch the diving, gymnastics and the equestrian events :)

  2. I love watching the gymnastics, they are so little but so strong! It's crazy! And very fun to watch :) GO USA!
    PS-love the poster, very fitting :)

  3. Definitely will be watching! I personally love the women's and men's volleyball the most, just because I am a volleyball player. Other than that I really like watching the gymnastics. :) Great post!