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Outfits for Winter Holidays

       Its that time of year again. People are going to tons of holiday parties as well as planning their outfits for Christmas and New Years. 
While it may be December, where I live it has been in the 60's. I can't complain about that, but it is a shame to leave all of those cute winter outfits in the closet. However, I have had my share of events to go to this season. 
I personally take advantage of every chance I can get to dress up. I would much rather wear skirts and dresses than pants. (Depends of the pants.... I love a good patterned pair.) I am a total girly girl and I like to have a chance to wear all of the clothes that I buy throughout the year. Whether its getting dressed for parties or for going to dinner, I don't care. I love to get dressed up.
I put together a series of outfits that I personally would wear.

Office Party

Christmas Eve


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  2. The large font is especially compelling, Michelle dearest.