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Fashion and Lifestyle Picks

These are some of the staples that I am going to wearing or using this year.

simple grey top - I love the color grey! It is my favorite color and I love simple blouses for everyday wear. You can make them look really chic while staying really simple. Minimalistic is best in my book!

 gel eyeliner- Gel or liquid liners are my favorite. They go on really smooth and last all day! This one by Bobbi Brown is amazing!

 chic notebooks- I am OBSESSED with notebooks/journals/planners so much. It is pretty ridiculous. I love collecting and using them. Some of my favorite ones are by Moleskine, which you can get at Target, Barnes and Noble as well as online at moleskine.com.

leather tote- I prefer simple leather totes to carry around my necessities throughout the day.

simple necklaces- A simple necklace or ring is pretty much the only jewelry that I will wear throughout the day. I don't like wearing a loads of jewelry because it irritates my skin, but simple pieces make an outfit.

Tell me what your staples for 2013 will be in the comments below!
I would love to hear your feedback.

1 comment:

  1. Nice post, Shell! Really love the simple colors. Your staple list looks quite similar to mine! ;)
    CoverGirl + Converse