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I hope that you all are having an amazing week. You might have noticed that the blog received a makeover. I figured that since the new year began that the blog should get a fresh start as well. Be prepared for a longer post.

This year I unintentionally added health and fitness onto my "list of resolutions''. I have always had my own fitness and health goals, but I was never someone who put that on their resolutions list. However, I am now enthralled with my health and fitness routine. Normally, I have to get into a "healthy mode" before I actually see results, otherwise I might binge a couple of times a week.
I am determined not to make this just a phase, but rather a lifestyle. I think that it is important for people to take care of their bodies. Although I am not overweight, I feel as though I could still treat my body better. It does make it a little easier because most of my best friends are super healthy. This year I promise to make my body as healthy as possible....not anorexic or obese!

Let me just say that I am by no means a fitness expert or nutritionist, these are just things that I have studied about in my effort to become healthier. I will do another post  on more food options.


lean healthy meats | If like myself you are a meat-eater, there are great healthy options out there for your enjoyment. Salmon, lean turkey, chicken and other sorts of fish (I personally like tuna fish). You can eat these food items as long as you do it in proportion.

fruits and vegetables | This is a gimme! Eating fruits and vegetables is about one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Fruits that contain a high water content are especially good for your body.

snacks | Yogurt with a little bit of granola and flaxseed is a great option for an afternoon snack. Even a simple snack of nuts and a little fruit is a great way to tide you over to your next meal.

I hope that you all feel inspired and live life as healthy as possible.

Get Fit 2013



  1. Looks great, Michelle! Love the creative eating choices and cute workout clothes.


  2. Nice post, Shell! I agree wholeheartedly that healthy eating/exercising should be a lifestyle. Love all the different healthy eating ideas, and the adorable workout outfits! :)
    CoverGirl + Converse